• Lillian Scuba

A song from God

The meteors thud against the roof, in a fiery anthem

the Roar of the burning fields fills my ears

Meteors have set the fields aflame.

My fields. Our fields. Our former fields.

I brim with sorrow and anger.

Disappointed with the absurdity, and betrayed by the loss.

“WHY GOD, WHY” I think.

I think it as angrily as one can.

But God cannot hear my thoughts and the fields continue to burn.

So my thoughts quiet, as I watch the blaze.

My nostrils swim in the smells of burnt barley and wheat,

A perfume of the loss I witness.

The windows have all been broken already,

But, the roof is tin so my home does not burn.

The meteors thud against the roof, in fiery percussion

My animals scream and dance out in the pasture,

singing with the fire's roar and meteors beat.

A duet of discord, with God as the composer.

In the distance many similar fires can be seen,

A thousand tiny concerts throughout the county,

Sirens from firetrucks serve as applause.

Ultimately I will be fine, blessedly unscathed,

as I pay audience to God’s orchestra of chaos.


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